4. Cats and Boots – This movement is a hip-hop and jazz influenced movement. I suggest flutists study and practice “Beatbox Flute 101 – A lesson with Greg Pattillo” before attempting this movement. It is an excellent teaching-demonstration of this technique. This movement asks a lot of the flutist, who moves immediately from beatboxing to playing the flute normally throughout, as well as setting the tempos and feel. A deep swing at the 16th note rhythm is essential when called for for the hip-hop feel to be created. The subdivisions change from swung 16ths to straight 16ths several times.

The beatboxing needs to be loud and aggressive, imitating a drum set into the flute while fingering the pitch specified. I have used various noteheads to visually facilitate between kick (bass) drum (“Boo”), snare drum (“Ca”) and closed high-hat (“ts”) of a drum set.

The other members of the quintet are asked to play rapid jazz-influenced lines throughout, both in stacked harmonies like a sax section, to the same line in delayed entrances, both in swung 16ths and straight 16ths.


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