ecstatic | ekˈstadik, ikˈstadik | adjective   1 feeling or expressing overwhelming happiness or joyful excitement. 2 involving an experience of mystic self-transcendence.

How the audience reacted

31 feelings were posted, the rest of the posts were not as useful. Maybe they were getting tired of the fun and games and forgot that this was serious research!

    • 31 feelings generated by the music: happy elated effervescent warm alert proud nervous fascinated wonderful contented buoyant enchanted puzzled exultant adventurous thankful dazzled light grateful hopeful hopeful stimulated enlivened gleeful eager joyful joy snappyhappy love encouraged loving
    • 44 observations/judgements about their feelings: beginnings tense smarter fortunate resolute togetherness spring make-it-happen dreams-to-reality content accomplished amazing fascinated fire victorious purpose lively connected waking-up persistent anticipatory vindicated community determined hope birth focused self-doubting awakened exhilarate alarming victory take-charge expectant able zealous pumped striving energetic excitement birth strong longing spirited
    • 22 observations about the music: journey emergent soaring celebrating shining joyride possibilities impressive Gaelic competent robust accomplished airy busy congratulatory motivation unstoppable freedom beautiful future impressed organized
    • 3 observations about the event: thanks-Keith successful fruitful
    • the-bells tomorrow belms bells  run

The music

feelings – Full Score FINAL

4. ecstatic uses drone techniques I heard in the spring of 2017 in Knoxville, Tennessee at the Big Ears Festival. Simple harmonies, lots of repeated rhythms. Evolution of the work is a result of accumulation made obvious. This approach worked well for this feeling. However, repeating figures proved a bit difficult, ensemble-wise for the group to have the necessary confidence in where/when they were to play.

I’m grateful to Beatriz Ramirez-Belt and Natalie Grata (and F.C.Belt, our conductor) for making this happen, and especially the Alterity Chamber Orchestra musicians’ time and passion as performers open to new music!

Central Florida Composers Forum

Central Florida Composers Forum

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