guilty | ˈɡiltē | adjective (guiltier, guiltiest) culpable of or responsible for a specified wrongdoing: he was found guilty of manslaughter justly chargeable with a particular fault or error: she was guilty of a serious error of judgment. conscious of or affected by a feeling of guilt involving a feeling or a judgment of guilt: a guilty verdict

Audience reactions:

38 feelings were posted, the rest of the posts were not as useful. The audience was getting better at this!

  • 38 feelings generated by the music: peaceful wistful mellow alive weary intrigued despondent serene troubled suspicious gloomy fatigued lonely sorrowful mournful sad irked apprehensive curious hopeful carefree uneasy forlorn confused anxious concerned fearful despairing numb withdrawn calm depressed harried disturbed aloof annoyed afraid scared
  • 56 observations/judgements about their feelings: sadness tired stressed tentative calming pastoral remorseful cautious nostalgic sadly-nostalgic mom morning thinking reflective remembering emptiness sentimental grief haunted contemplating mourning eerie dreading unsure wanting moody detached meditative emptiness unfulfilled awaiting pondering darkness touched grieved candid worry lost anticipation loss disaffected disquieted resistant whimsical praying angst creepy serious empty lost distraught unsettled chill burdened bueno resolved
  • 13 observations about the music: stream sensitive ponderous interesting beautiful moving tenderhearted blue reminiscent nightmares discordant introspective pensive
  • 2 observations about the event: processing courageous
  • diasporic gucci gassy whistle

The music

feelings – Full Score FINAL  This movement 3. guilty, is slow with a pensive intensity. The melody is wide ranging, often as a pentuplet as first heard in the solo viola, agains plodding chords on the beat. That melody is the song of a troubled person. The guilty event/thought that is causing unrest has its own theme, a 4 or 5 note figure: 3 staccato statements of the same pitch followed by a fall of a minor third. At the end, most of the ensemble plays the guilty theme at different tempos simultaneously, to create a ‘guilt cloud’. This didn’t quite work out, as the ‘cloud’ effect needed more voices.

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Central Florida Composers Forum

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